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Event Photography

Local WEDDINGS: $1,600 4h / $2,000 6h / $2,400 8h Included: Second Shooter – Unlimited Images – Designer’s Album – Images delivered via Online Gallery.

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PORTRAITS: $225.00 per Session.  Included: 20-25 color and B&W images. Each session lasts 45mins-1h and the final Gallery will include color/B&W photos as well as a short Video showcasing the personality of each family/senior. COFFEE SESSIONS: $175.00 per Session IG @CoffeeSessions

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Prints for Sale

    All of my TRAVEL Photography Images are for sale in the form of Metal Prints only. Metal Prints come in three sizes: a) 12×12 for Square Images b) 16×24 for Rectangular Images c) 12×36 for Panoramic Images Prices for ALL sizes $199.00 Shipping is included in the USA, APO/FPO

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Wedding Films

Local WEDDINGS: $1,800.00 flat fee. 1 Cinematographer – 1 Assistant – 3 to 5 minute short film – Online link – 4 hours of coverage EXTRA FILMS: Pre-wedding Interviews / Full length Speeches

Promo Films

Sometimes a story is better told through video and with that in mind we offer video storytelling for testimonials, fundraisers, small businesses, international schools, and social events.

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Our Pride

Our People

This is the anchor of our pride.  From extensive communication prior to the assignment, in order to fully comprehend their needs, to the timely delivering of the products, it is evident through all these reviews that our people feel understood, cared for, and appreciated. This applies to our brides and their guests, filmed talents, and you will also read from participants of our international Photography Workshops. It all boils down to people, their hopes and dreams. To read our reviews simply click on the ICON above

Our Travels

From stills to motion, we have photographed and/or filmed in over 30+ countries in the Americas, Europe and Africa. We’ve trimmed our equipment luggage to bring the precise gear needed to get the job done. Coupled with fluency in English, Spanish, Italian, and French, this combination of miles traveled and spoken languages translate to our customers in logistical efficiency and reliability.


 Our Culture

It’s simply easier to work with someone who appreciates diversity, culture, and human connections. It’s one thing to take photos, it’s a whole other thing to make people feel welcomed. Through our Reviews you can see this is something we pride ourselves in accomplishing.


Our Open Mind

Are you needing prints for a Gallery? A Promo Video for your Business? Are you getting Married in FL or in Rome? Would you like to Host a Photography Workshop in your location? Do you have a special request? Is the pricing too out of your reach? That’s the advantage of being Flexible! Let’s start communicating and I promise to do my absolute best to meet your need and if I can’t at least I’ll point you in the right direction 🙂


About Me


Since 2008 I have been capturing weddings, iconic sites, and life changing events through still photographs, and lately, through motion films in the United States, Latin America, and Europe.

Images are a powerful tool, but images alone often get reduced to the lowest pricing vendor. The biggest bang for the buck.  Speaking from personal experience I can tell you that’s exactly what we did when we were looking for our own wedding photographer.  The result?  I never knew the name of my photographer, it felt cold and impersonal, and to tell you the truth I don’t even remember when he left the Reception!!! Talk about getting the “job” done.  That’s exactly how we felt, like a job.

Our goal is to create the opposite experience, and time after time this is precisely what our clients feel – more than a job, but rather a relevant and inspired story.  At the very least we become partners in achieving their goals. Communication flows, adjustments are made, and in the end we both accomplish our goals with professionalism and care for our clients.  Some of our couples are now our good friends, and some of the organizations we still help out with and volunteer.  In short, we bring peace of mind, professionalism, values, and personal care to each and every one of our assignments.

So, whether you are thinking about your wedding day, your non-profit venture, speaking engagement, or simply would like to learn more about DSLR Photography, send me an email to info@arturophotography.com and let’s start talking!




My name is Arturo Paulino and I am a visual communicator, a believer of people, and a follower of Jesus Christ.

Following my faith has taken me, my wife and five daughters, on a life of adventure, from being born and raised in the Dominican Republic, serving as a missionary in Latin America, working with students in the USA, and serving with the NAVY in Europe.  Since 2008 I have been capturing weddings, iconic sites, fashion trends, and life changing events through still photographs, and lately, through motion films.  Through it all the common thread has been the same, the pursuit and communication of relevant and inspiring stories.

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